Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Growth or Removal

Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Growth

Wisdom teeth begin to form between the ages of 17 and 25. Adults typically have four wisdom teeth, but the number can vary slightly from person to person.

Dentists often see patients who have wisdom teeth that cause them immense pain.

This occurs when the teeth develop as they often start to grow in the wrong direction. This will cause immense pain and will result in an extraction being needed.

Other patients may not have issues with their wisdom teeth or have slight pain only seen when brushing or eating certain foods.

Brushing Your Teeth After Extraction

The pain felt after extraction will vary from one person to the next. It is never a good idea to halt brushing when immense pain is pressed, especially after extraction. This will not provide a proper oral environment that enhances the healing process.

When the mouth is healing, it is essential to brush your teeth. The biggest issue occurs during the first 24 hours after extraction takes place.

  • A blood clot, or scab, will form, which stops the mouth from bleeding. This scab is easily removed from too much rinsing or even slight brushing. The utmost caution must be given at this time to ensure the scab is never dislodged. Ideally, it would help if you did not rinse or brush the day of the extraction.
  • After 24 hours, you can begin your regular brushing routine. Pay special attention to the area where the tooth was removed and brush lightly.
  • Mouthwash and rinse should be avoided when the mouth is healing to add additional sensitivity or pain.

Ask your dentist for further information about brushing your teeth after wisdom teeth extraction. Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

How To Brush With Wisdom Teeth

If a tooth is not extracted but is causing discomfort, you can still brush as usual.

Wisdom teeth do not need to be brushed differently than you currently clean.

If you want to ensure you are brushing right, follow these recommendations.

  1. Brushing should be done after each meal. This ensures food particles never linger in the mouth and eliminates any debris left on teeth.
  2. Brushing for 2 minutes is the general recommendation given by dentists. This is done so that all four mouth quadrants are cleaned for 30 seconds each. A brisk brushing is never recommended and may leave you poor dental hygiene.
  3. Flossing is also recommended for any particles stuck between your teeth. This should be done at least twice daily to see the best results.

Brushing can also be done with a variety of different brushes and motions. A few tips to help you get started are as follows:

  • Use an electric toothbrush. While these brushes are more costly initially, they come with timers, sensitivity settings, and enhanced cleaning and whitening functionalities. While not a necessity, electric toothbrushes will make your brushing much more comfortable.
  • There are water-flossing tools that can be used. Studies have shown that flossing with water is more effective than its string counterpart and more comfortable.
  • If you are feeling pain, you should brush with less pressure applied. Applying too much trouble when brushing may damage tooth enamel.


Brushing teeth after wisdom teeth growth or removal is a simple task.

Maintaining a proper dental cleaning schedule and brushing your teeth regularly will ensure that your dental hygiene is always maintained.

If pain exists, that is too much to handle while brushing, indicating that an infection is present or extraction is needed. At this time, a dentist visit is highly recommended.


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