Best Way to Store a Toothbrush

Best Way to Store a Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is an essential part of your daily life. Brushing your teeth makes your mouth more hygienic, but minor details may make your effort in vain, such as how the toothbrush is stored.

Many people put their used toothbrushes directly together, which is not hygienic.

First, tell us what to pay attention to when storing the toothbrush.

Misplaced storage of the toothbrush

1. Put the toothbrush together

Some families save trouble by using a tooth cup to put on the toothbrush, and the bristles are in contact with the bacteria. It is recommended that each person use a tooth cup.

2. Toothbrush sharing

Family members are lovers and avoid sharing a toothbrush. Because personal toothbrushes, even if there are more bacteria, are also derived from their mouths, as long as the body’s immunity is healthy, they generally do not cause disease. And sharing is easy to cross-infection.

3. Forgot to clean the toothbrush holder

Even if the shelf of the toothbrush cup is placed, if it is not cleaned up in time, it will accumulate dust and dirt, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing the toothbrush bacteria to flood. It is recommended to clean the toothbrush holder once a week.

4. Toothbrush in the bathroom

Most homes have three-in-one bathrooms, toilets, and bathrooms. In this case, it is best to put the toothbrush and cup in the cabinet or other room to prevent the bacteria scattered in the air from getting into the toothbrush cup after flushing the toilet.

5. Use a toothbrush for a long time

Old toothbrushes are also prone to bacteria. The American Dental Association recommends replacing new toothbrushes every three or four months, significantly if the body’s immunity is reduced. The toothbrush should be changed frequently to help prevent infection.

6. Put the brush head down

After using the toothbrush, put it in a cold and ventilated place to dry. Otherwise, the wet environment is natural to breed bacteria, especially when traveling. It should be drained and put into the toothbrush box.

So, how do you store your toothbrush?

Almost everyone needs toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mugs, but many people are not scientifically placed and never pay attention to these small details.

Here is a more scientific approach.

1. The toothpaste head should be placed face down. In this way, under gravity, the paste will flow toward the head of the toothpaste. With this method, it is no longer necessary to squeeze the toothpaste later;

2. The toothbrush head should be placed upside down, and the toothbrush should be placed next to the window.

The purpose is that oxygen flow in the air can play a bactericidal role.

Because the toothbrush is placed in a well-ventilated and sunny window, it has the effect of drying and UV disinfection.

In particular, the destructive effect on anaerobic bacteria is pronounced and can effectively protect oral hygiene.

3. Finally, it should be noted that when buying a mug, the cup should be more extensive and balanced when placed.


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