What are Rotten Teeth ?

Rotten TeethFrom childhood to adolescent age, till old age, ugly teeth is the most common problem encountered by every third person.

As shown by these rotten teeth pictures, this dental problem persists in children and adolescents on a larger scale, the reason being, and a large amount of sugar intake daily. This starts with tooth carries, and the holes get gradually bigger. A time comes when they become irreparable and have to be extracted.

How does a dental carry begin? Whenever we eat something sweet, the bacteria produced in our mouth extracts acids, which gradually starts eating the enamel layer from our teeth. We can avoid this from happening if we brush quickly after every sugar intake.

If we become lazy, the acids extracted in our mouth become active. Besides, the sugar in our mouth gives birth to more bacteria. Hence more acid formation takes place, which leads to quicker damage of teeth enamel.

Those persons who have the problem of rotten teeth started should consult a certified dentist as soon as possible. The risk in this case of crooked teeth is that the car can reach the nervous system down in the pulp section.

If this happens, unbearable pain starts, and high profile antibiotics have to be taken. Sometimes, the hole can be filled with a disinfectant substance, but most infections in the affected area settle down in a few days, followed by a complex treatment.

After the long, painful treatment, a series of dental reconstruction starts for most of the unlucky sufferers.

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