How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

“How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth”的图片搜索结果The owner of the dog knows that if he does not brush his teeth for a long time.

The teeth of the dog will produce plaque, and when the plaque accumulates to a certain extent, it will become calculus.

Dental calculus can cause many oral diseases, so brushing your teeth is very important for dogs.

Below I will tell you how to properly brush your dog and let the dog adapt to dog toothpaste.

Should start from the dog six months, brush it 2 to 3 times a week; at first, the dog will not adapt to the resistance, but if you insist on doing it will develop a good habit.

First, take the gauze strip and smear a little saline on the index finger and then wipe the gums and teeth, and the movement should be light so as not to damage the gums.

After the dog adapts, pick up a little pet toothpaste and brush it. This toothpaste does not need to be rubbed. The mouth allows it to dry on its own.

The above operation can last for two weeks. After the dog is fully adapted, brush the dog’s toothpaste with a dog-specific toothbrush, gently lift the upper lip, use the toothbrush to follow the teeth, slowly make a circular motion, gently brush the teeth and gum.

Gradually increase the number of brushing teeth every day, but be slow, don’t brush farther, brushing time increases to about 30 seconds, touch to every corner.

Give your pet some praise and reward after brushing, and get the ideal care effect after long-term adherence.

Every six months, the dog should be given a tooth cleaning job to prevent dental problems.


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