What are Flipper Teeth ?

Flipper TeethAre you feeling shy and under-confident because you recently got one of your front teeth broken?

It has made a negative impact on your smile and affected your beautiful appearance. You cursed the time when you broke your tooth in a small accident.

So, what are you going to do? Hide from others for the rest of your life?

You don’t even have the hope of getting a new tooth in some days.

The solution is to get a dental implant from a dentist. If you cannot afford to get an expensive denture, get flipper teeth. Inexpensive false teeth made from acrylic and attached to an acrylic resin base are called flipper teeth.

In other words, flipper teeth are an easy way to cover the gaps between the teeth that are caused by periodontitis, tooth decay, or injuries. There are many ways of tooth replacement like partial or permanent dentures, crowns, bridges, or dental implants. These solutions are expensive, plus they need a long time for completion. On the contrary, flippers are an easy and cheaper way to cover these blank spaces and provide confidence and mental satisfaction.

A flipper tooth is made of plastic or porcelain, (the color of the tooth matches the shade of your natural teeth) attached to a pink plastic base. This unit can be secured with wires having little balls in the patient’s mouth.

For people having enhanced esthetic sense, a Valplast flipper is applied. This is more flexible and easy to use than the traditional one.

Flipper teeth can be temporarily used until the permanent dental implant is ready. Since the complete unit is made of plastic and or porcelain, it is not long-lasting. Furthermore, it costs less than traditional dentures; many people often consider it as a waste of money.

On the other hand, many patients who do not enjoy a good financial position prefer flippers instead of implants. Secondly, patients in adolescent age cannot get permanent implants as it would hamper the natural growth of their teeth.

If a patient’s crooked teeth are pulled out, waiting for a dental implant can take several weeks. The dentist also advises waiting for a few weeks until the swelled gums settle down. However, flippers can be used the day any tooth is pulled out. With the help of fins, the affected person can go to his/ her college, school workplace quickly without embarrassment or worry about getting teased. Otherwise, people often feel shy to eat in public and cover their mouth while laughing. A flipper can bring back the beauty and attractive smile to the patient.

Conclusion – Flipper Teeth

If dental flippers are not cleaned every night, bacteria that can cause bad breath may build up. They are somewhat difficult to clean as they are delicate.

They continuously apply pressure on gums, so it is difficult to eat with a flipper on, so they should be removed for meals.  Even though they are made for temporary use, flipper teeth are worn by people for years.

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